Hiring Social Media Agency VS In-house Person

Firstly, the cost of an in-house social media manager is much higher than hiring an agency, but it poses the question: Can You Afford an In-House Social Media Manager? A lot of companies hire a social media agency simply because it can be cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. It’s a common misconception that a higher price means better quality, and in many cases it’s true, but we also need to consider cost efficiency. 

In the bigger picture – is it possible to completely outsource CMOs?

Agencies Have More Brain Power A successful social campaign includes design, video production, PR, strategy, and everything else I mentioned before. It’s not just about posting to Instagram a few times day. But it’s to develop an in-depth strategy that is results driven.

Topping all these points money, time, consistency, etc. is results. Which produces better results? It’s important to consider the ROI, especially as investing money into your social media profiles across facebook to snapchat. Social media agencies tend to be more results focused and have greater tools and resources.

An Auckland-based company, Thrivo aims to deliver results to your business with our social strategies. We have social media managers in Auckland but we’re able to help businesses worldwide, to grow, engage and give them a high ROI from their Social Media.

Click here to schedule a time with our team, to see how we can take turn your social media profiles into revenue. We’ll manage your businesses social media with guaranteed best performing marketing strategies.



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