Instagram Marketing Tips from Social Media Pros

Auckland based Thrivo Team has a unique blend of skills and strengths targeted to connecting businesses with the younger generation. Click here to schedule a time with the team and see how we can elevate your business. In the meantime, here are some killer tips from the best of the best.

Chris Makara:

As with any social media platform, Instagram allows businesses of all sizes a great opportunity to connect with others on a more personable level. Check this out if your business is just getting started with Instagram. With that said, it is key to be as personable as you can on Instagram, and not just another logo.

David Schneider, NinjaOutreach:

I believe the key to getting started on Instagram is the same for many other social media platforms – network with influencers. It is certainly possible to build an audience from scratch but it is difficult. Start by identifying influencers in your niche. Engage with them.

Neil Patel:

Ecommerce businesses should connect with users who have high follower counts that are engaged and would be potentially interested in their products. Once you have a list of users, I would work out deals where you give them free products in exchange for the promotion of your business.

Richard Lazazzera, A Better Lemonade Stand:

My number one Instagram strategy for getting massive exposure and building a huge audience is to find large Instagram accounts that are already catering to your demographic and pay for sponsored posts on them. It’s the cheapest CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions) of any ad platform right now.

Melinda Fleming, Curated Cool:

Instagram is a visual medium where a lot of business owners might forget how art and a beautifully laid out IG page is paramount to success. You can’t just sell to your audience the entire time, but use a 50/50 rule on inspiration meets selling. Using posts from other people that have used your product and photographed it in a beautiful way, then tagging the person in the post title is great idea. Also creating a custom hashtag for your business is a great marketing tool. hashtags are the new search engines.

Ryan Stewart, Webris:

By far the best option (for any business) is influencer marketing. With no ads available to the greater public, influencer marketing is the only real white hat way to experience explosive growth on Instagram. The concept is simple – do some research, find Instagram users with large followings who post content related to your business / product, follow them, send them an inbox message asking if they would be interested in promoting your product for a price. 99% of them will. This can get a little costly, but it’s by far the most powerful method right now.

Joe Brown, MediaJunkies:

The truth is that digital consumers have the world in the palm of their hands. No matter how many apps there are, no matter how many websites there are, consumers will keep using media that is easily to digest and easy to use.

Too many functions, too many algorithms, too many marketers on social networks make consumers switch platforms as quickly as they join them.

This is why Instagram is a booming network where you only see what your network is posting, where the only thing you need to do is to swipe up and down.

As a marketer that means several crucial things:

The attention span is even shorter than on any other network. The life span of a post is shorter than on any other network. You cannot be identified as a marketer or your audience will run away. The solution is to use Instagram as a visual story teller who shares content that actually matters to people. This is a massive opportunity for everyone who is keen to build a brand with real people who are really interested in what you have to say and to show.

The future will hold how Instagram can help driving brands. The announcement of Instagram ads and the possibility of an in-build ‘Shop Now’ button make Instagram an exciting space to watch.

Asia Zukowska,

Post images which engage your potential customers – See what’s interesting for your potential customers.

Alex Ditty,SEEN:

Instagram is all about user-generated content. If your goal is to promote your products on the visual network then you need to develop a strategy that encourages and utilizes content from your community. Incentivizing your customers to share photos of your products with contests and campaigns will create valuable authentic promotion to their followers. Displaying this content on your website enables you to show your products from your customer’s perspective.

Aubrey Rose Madrona, SEO Hacker:

Instagram is one of the biggest image-heavy social media platforms today; however, many e-commerce sites are unaware of its value. With the right strategy and content. Instagram can help the company increase its reach, engagement, and conversion.

Instagram is mobile-friendly and also released a web-based interface that makes it accessible via personal computer, this would mean reaching both mobile users and desktop users.

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