Why Is A Website Necessary For Operating A Business


You see websites all the time whether you’re browsing through Facebook or in advertisements all the time! Some people are STILL running their business without a website when statistics clearly shows the importance of having a website for your business! Even with this being said, some businesses have websites dating back 10 years ago! Technology moves fast, and you need to move faster with a responsive aesthetically pleasing website. Did you know 80% of people conduct online research for a major purchase? That’s exactly why you need a website, your consumers want information about your business. Owning a website adds credibility and value to your website. Another benefit of a website is simply for customer service and contact information. They can easily view everything about your business in just a matter of minutes. Having a website is NECESSARY for operating any type of business.

Statistics Based On Public Websites

Still not convinced to get a website? Let the facts talk and you can find out why having a website is reliable and very cost effective.

  • 46% of smaller businesses do not own a website.
  • 60% of small businesses are not happy with their current websites.
  • 68% of smaller businesses do not have a blog – Even though Blogging/SEO is one of the best marketing strategies.
  • 70% of potential customers prefer receiving information via articles rather than your advertisements.
  • 97% of customers use online media to shop in their local area!
  • 75% of online Americans said information about products found on social media avenues such as Facebook or Twitter or Websites influence their shopping and increases brand loyalty.

Amazing right? How could I get one of these amazing websites? Well, let me introduce you to some options you have. It may be necessary for you to get a website for you to operate your business.

How Do I Get A Website?

You have several options – You can get a website simply by using a drag and drop editors such as Weebly or Wix. The drawback of using a GUI is that you are very limited to what you can do and you can’t completely customise your website. Another option is hiring a personal coder which can completely create your website for you. The last option is hiring a Marketing Agency to outsource your web design work. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency is the most reliable option because it’s relatively quick and can be very cheap. Thrivo has experienced website designers to rejuvenate and amplify your online presence. We create quality work to increase your revenue and help your business perform better when people search you online. You can easily contact us by navigating our website.

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